Showcasing Singapore’s Spaces To The World

Posted on: 23 May, 2010 | Tagged as:

When we started this project a year and a half ago, we weren’t thinking even about using the web until our supervisor suggested we try that option. On retrospect, it was a good choice because it has extended the longevity of the project through this blog and one new story we’ve added in since.

Publishing online has also allowed a local project to reach a global audience. We were recently selected to be featured in the British Council’s Show Us Your City project and a Open Spaces online exhibition by the International Communication Association.

It’s also great to see the next batch of students publish their work online too. These are a few encouraging efforts that help put Singapore stories in a world that Singaporeans are so well connected with:

Food Waste Republic
These students go through rubbish and even go undercover to uncover the problem of food wastage in Singapore, the food lover’s paradise.

Kababayan: Faces of Filipinas in Singapore
A photojournalism project jam packed with stories about the Filipinas community in Singapore

自闭•不封闭 | autism: enclose worlds, open minds
A very thoughtful piece of journalism in Chinese on the problem of autism in Singapore.