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Our stories find in the everyday life, ordinary people's efforts to create and maintain their own spaces in this city. Share your thoughts on how to make this a lovable city.

  • Home maid picnics

    After losing their picnic spot to a shopping mall, Filipino maids in Singapore continue to return to Orchard Road’s in-between spaces

  • Balik kampung

    A group of elderly residents brave hungry mosquitoes and a clampdown to call a derelict plot home

  • Less money, more space

    When space is all about rental, the city simply becomes a product of market forces

  • A sticky situation

    One lady’s quest to save her door and neighbourhood from advertisements

  • Not such a little India

    In Singapore, migrant workers create their own leisure spots in unused spaces

  • The gardeners’ city

    Grassroots efforts are blossoming in many places, but will the state let them thrive?

  • Kings of chaos

    Vacant and unfulfilled, an old neighbourhood and empty streets at night offer joy to a group of skateboarders

  • Finding the faith

    Devotees stay close to their gods in the most unlikely of places