Conversations & interviews

Pick the brains of these experts that we have interviewed on city planning in Singapore. Read their thoughts and suggestions on how you can reclaim land too.

  • Ooi Giok Ling

    on how space is planned in Singapore and why it is a liveable but not lovable city

  • Ho Kong Chong

    on civic spaces and place-making

  • T.C. Chang

    on being an ‘insider’ or ‘outsider’ within a space

  • Robbie Goh

    on ‘reading the city’ and being an author of it

  • Parthasarathy Devanathan

    on the relationship between time and space and how the state can do less to give more space

  • Chua Beng Huat

    on “equal suffering” in the public housing space and nostalgia for the kampung

  • Victor Yue

    on how religion finds its own space in this modern city